Dr Junie Bertrand

Int. Director & Co-founder

Dr Junie Bertrand was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti to a large family. Junie is a extremely passionate woman with training in education, mentoring, counselling, leadership and management. If that isn't enough, she is finishing her United States Medical Licensing Examination for a doctoral degree. Her role in Haiti officially is 'Co-owner of the Kindergarten, Academic Program and Curriculum Manager & President of Koretimoun.' Unofficially she is an integral role model, supporter and adviser to all the children in her community.

Junie is an extensive advocate for people in need, especially children. What drives Junie is admiring the children whilst they grow up and knowing that sharing the knowledge that she was fortunate to have, has helped shaped their lives.

The future vision is to see all of the children being educated, open-minded and with choices in life. In a dream world she would further develop the learning center to enable the children to learn new skills, have a safe place to play, create a space for parents to develop their skills to further manage their families and finances. Junie’s care and knowledge about the community we work with is fundamental in our inclusive and impactful approach in supporting education in Haiti.