Freddie Owen

Youth Advisor

After completing his undergraduate degree in Geography and Economics at the London School of Economics in 2017 he is now enrolled in a Master’s program in Local Economic Development. An advocate for working with local partnerships, Freddie is a huge advocate of the support EduHaitian provides to our local partner Koretimoun to carry out the fantastic work they do.

The younger brother of co-founder Olivia Owen and with a keen interest in international affairs it seemed inevitable that Freddie would end up involved with EduHaitian. A visit to the country in 2014 sealed his fate and Freddie has since taken up the role of Youth Advisor on the board.

In his four years with EduHaitian, he has witnessed the transformation undertaken by the young women and men we support into leaders and champions of social change within their communities. Freddie hopes he can bring a youthful exuberance and a supportive presence to an already fantastic team here at EduHaitian.