Nanzie Lalaeu


Nanzie is our loving, smart and dedicated in-country secretary. An experienced education professional, Nanzie has always worked in the school system and is a trained early years development teacher and teaches in universities part-time.

At EduHaitian, Nanzie is an administrative assistant to Dr Junie and runs all of the extra curricular activities of KoreTimoun. This includes planning the curriculum, visiting the schools, managing the programme and supporting each family.

Nanzie believes that the work of EduHaitian and KoreTimoun is very important in Haiti and especially in the area we are located: the needs are a lot and the means are very limited. Nanzie believes the importance of our work lies in our broad range of support from community support, education, civic duties and teaching. Nanzie loves her role at EduHaitian and it gives her the means to feel satisfied and fulfilled at work.