Olivia Owen

CEO & Co- founder

Born and raised in the UK, Olivia is a passionate advocate for social change. After training to be an early years educator, she travelled to Haiti in 2010, six months after the earthquake. Spending time in the capital Port-au-Prince, and the south coast of Jacmel, she identified the lack of access to education as prohibitive to young people. Olivia and Emma Walsh met local community leader, Junie Bertrand and formed an allegiance to ensure vulnerable young people in Port-au-Prince had access to education.

Olivia has nurtured the growth of both our School and University Scholarship programmes, developed our partnerships in Haiti, lead our global fundraising and travels to Haiti annually to evaluate and understand our impact. Originally a high school dropout, Olivia transformed her own life through education, shaped by a collective of inspiring educators, she learned how to curate nourishing and nurturing environments and experiences for others.

Olivia cares deeply about creating opportunities for people to help themselves. After launching EduHaitian, Olivia took a degree in International Politics at Goldsmiths UOL focusing on the the global south and Haiti; trained as a Relationship & Systems coach, planned 100’s of events for Sandbox London and worked for London-based non-profit Spark Inside, to bring coaching to young people in prison. As well as running EduHaitian, Olivia has a coaching + teaching business specialising in Desire and Relationships.