Tara Yip-Bannicq


Tara comes from everywhere and nowhere. A dual French-American citizen, she grew up somewhere between Atlanta, Jakarta and Beijing, attended schools on at least three continents (and an ocean), and speaks the six languages to prove it. Tara participated in disaster response in Indonesia after the 2009 Padang earthquake, and in Guatemala after the 2010 eruption of the Pacaya Volcano and Tropical Storm Agatha, and has been based in Haiti since 2010. Tara has supported the coordination youth leadership conferences in Haiti for the JUMP Foundation, which she represented at the UN Commission for Sustainable Development; volunteered with European Disaster Volunteers to design and implement their Scholarship Program; and served as a Haiti Country Representative for Future Generations. She's also the Haiti Ambassador for the Sandbox Network, a global community of young entrepreneurs. Currently, Tara is working with UNICEF on community-based programming in Haiti.