Determined to Thrive: Haiti

Eduhaitian 2018 Campaign

We are launching our Determined to Thrive: Haiti campaign. Our offering in Haiti is growing and a new chapter is beginning for EduHaitian. We need urgent support to continue supporting 46 students in school and 6 students starting university this month.

Can you help us fund the dreams of these students?

Our fundraising target is £30,000. Change is happening now. Lets give this everything we have got to keep these students in education.

Our programme has been working for 7 years. We have seen our students move from surviving to thriving. In 2017, we saw two young women graduating university with more are on the way!

EduHaitian started from humble beginnings and we want to remain that way. We know, and have personally met every child we support. We can tell you their story, their family's story. We have listened to their their hopes and dreams for the future, and will are committed to making it happen for them. Join us on this journey of #determinedtothrive

Determined to Thrive: A new chapter for EduHaitian

Our programme makes a commitment to support a student the whole way through their education from the minute they join the programme. This is the beginning of the thriving journey. Safe in the knowledge that the next semester is paid for, the students now have a platform to dream, a rich learning container to acquire the emotional, social and academic skills needed to reach those dreams, a place to grow and mature their dreams, an opportunity to give back and the encouragement to give back.

In Haiti, where only 2% of students finish secondary school and the overall literacy rate is 61%, opportunities are scarce. Since our inception as an organisation 7 years ago, we have made a commitment to encourage our students to move beyond 'surviving' into a 'thriving' way of living. It starts with a fully supported and curated education journey. Safe in the knowledge that the next semester is always paid for, the students now have a platform to dream and plan their lives.

Our Haitian educators plan a rich learning container to ensure the students acquire the emotional, social and academic skills needed to reach the full potential of their dreams. As they move through the programme, in our five stages of nurturing, their dreams are allowed to grow and mature. Like a true journey of life, once they've acquired their further education, our programme allows them to give back and guide their younger peers and then leading change in their own communities.

Determined to Thrive: Life cycle


We commit to the whole journey of each student from the day they arrive. We provide them with the platform to dream for the first time in their lives.


We enrich their lives with a tailor made approach to their dreams. We support them to make plans to achieve their innate potential.


We guide and encourage them to flourish into their brightest and biggest selves. We grow and mature their dreams in a cultivated process focused on their unique talents.


We invite them to give back and mentor their younger peers. We connect them with opportunities to give back to their communities.


We create space for them to become established as community leaders and ‘world changers.’

How you can help

Support a School Student
Begin a £31 monthly donation to support a full scholarship for a school student or make a one off £350 donation
Support a University Student
Begin an £84 a month donation to support a full scholarship for a university student or make a one off £1000 donation.
Host a life-changing event or attend one of our #determinedtothrive events
Share our story and campaign
Make a one-off donation of any amount

The Opportunity

By giving to our campaign you are supporting operations for 2018-2019 to send 40 students to school, 7 students to university and our new ‘Graduating year’ programme, the last step to give our students the final push to complete their education.

It doesn’t stop there. We believe in sustained opportunities which is why we are fundraising now. In 2022, 14 of our students will be in university or graduating school. Being around to make this a reality is the linchpin of our mission. We need more supporters to meet our growing projects.

We want to gift you with the stories of these unbelievable students. We want to gift you with these opportunity to be a part of a long-term solution in their lives. We want you to become our friends, donors, supporters and advocates. We want you to share this. We want you to come with us on a new journey.
  • Unless they know there is support, they cannot dream.