A letter from the CEO & Chairwoman 2016

In the past five years since I co-founded EduHaitian, we have invested over £100,000 into the Haitian community enabling fifty young Haitian’s to not only return to school, but to stay there - when the fees are payed, the students are able to move faster.  We believe that by supporting the most vulnerable to receive a stable and consistent full education, they will have a stronger chance of challenging the cycle of poverty, and fulfilling their innate potential.

Why Haiti? Currently, less than 50% of eligible students attend primary school, and as little 30% will go onto secondary school. The two key barriers are the cost of schooling, simply unaffordable for most, and the lack of resources to support them once they are there. Our programmes address both of these challenges, and after five years of operation, I’ve witnessed the overwhelming impact that this support can have.


Letter from our Chairwoman Rebecca Swist:


In February this year I joined Olivia on a visit to Port-au-Prince to meet with our local partner KoreTimoun and all of the children in our programme. I had met some of the children previously, when I still lived in Haiti, but it was my first time formally meeting the amazing team that enables us to do what we do. And what an amazing team it is! The levels of dedication, commitment and integrity to do the best possible for the children of Port-au-Prince is easily visible in everything they do, and it is such an honor to work with them.


It was an eventful and busy visit: we met each and every child individually and completed an in-depth review of the costs of sending a child to school (more information on this will be passed to donors very soon). For me, however, the most amazing piece of news is that we now have a sponsorship programme for those children who have managed to finish school despite all the odds being stacked against them: say hello to our University Sponsorship Programme! You can find more information on this later in this booklet.


… and from both of us:


Finally, we would like to thank every single one of you. Without you, none of this would be possible. We wish we could take you with us on the next visit to Port-au-Prince, as seeing the achievements and dreams of the children in our programme is one of the best things we have ever experienced. Changing lives is possible. Access to education has a habit of doing that!



We would like to express their heartfelt thanks to those below who supported the EduHaitian Summer Ball:


Ruth Owen - The star of the show, with the biggest heart we could ever imagine

Emma Walsh & Junie Bertrand - The founding co-creators of EduHaitian & KoreTimoun

Rebecca Swist - Dedicated Chairwoman of the EduHaitian Board

The team in Haiti - Nanzie Laleau &  Emlin Jean Noel

Clara Nissim & Sophie Cook - Our talented film - makers!

Katie Nokes Heath, Adele Kelly & Helen White - The awesome foursome - thank you for your phenomenal support over the past five years!

The EduHaitian Board: Alice Edwards,  Alain Valliancourt, Nigel Brewer, Tara Yip-Bannicq, Sarah Hughes, Freddie Owen, Chad Walsh

The Clare Foundation: Our incubators, and our lifeline since 2013 - we could not have done it without you.

All the staff and volunteers who have generously given their time for the EduHaitian Summer Ball

Special thanks to:

RGS, for the beautiful Queen’s Hall.

Thank you for the kind donations from the many people and companies who have given fantastic prizes for the Live Auction & Silent Auction

Nigel Brewer  for sponsoring the design and marketing

Tabletop Catering Hire for sponsoring all of the catering equipment

Chloe Morris of Edible Stories & the design team - the creative geniuses behind the look and feel

Jack Ashmore & Oakmann Inns for running the Tiki Bar

Paul Upward for photographing the event

Mike Allen & Events Team UK for bringing the best caribbean catering in the UK to the ball tonight

Our event sponsors:

Foodnet Limited, Cue Media, Edible Stories, Wow Factor Event & Milana hair