Founding team visit Haiti 2014!

We are out of our skin excited to announce that we are headed to Haiti this September and we have quite the EduHaitian team!

From Australia we have EduHaitian Co-Fonder Emma Walsh together with her sister Karen Simpson.


From the UK we have EduHaitian Co-Founder Olivia Owen and her brother Freddie Owen.


We will meet up with our wonderful Haitian partner Junie Bertrand and her wonderful team of teachers and staff.


We will all arrive on September 6th 2014 and have a short but very jam packed trip planned.  We will catch up with all the sponsor children from 2013/14 and hear all about how they went in school, see how they have grown and hear everything that they have learnt.  We will also get to know and welcome the new children that will be sponsored in 2014/15.

As usual, all our trips are self funded and we look forward to staying with our friends at Haiti Communitere again. 

We also have a super fun excersion day planned for the kids too while we are there (don’t tell them though, it’s a secret)

Be sure to come along with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (#EduHaitian). 

If you already sponsor a child and would like us to pass on any special message or gift, please be in touch.  If you would like to donate and help us send some more children to school in 2015, please head to our donate page.