Not just a marathon, but 200 miles in five days in 2015

A year two teaching assistant from Heatherton House in Buckinghamshire has run two hundred miles in five days, from one end of Wales to the other to raise money for us.

Cath Hollaway raised a over nine hundred pounds during the event 'Dragon's Back' through her running site on Speaking to the charity a few weeks after the race she said: 'The course was absolutely stunning and the weather was pretty kind to us. I loved the journey of the event and it felt like a real adventure. The camaraderie was amazing and all the competitors were without exception encouraging and supportive. Apart from the first morning I never ran on my own at all which was brilliant.'

'I chose EduHaitian partly because it was our school charity and partly because I really believe that an education is the best gift you can give any child to help them improve their own and their community's situation. Being a small charity I also think any money raised makes a genuine difference.'

To prepare for the event Cath took part in both The Ultra Tour de Mont Blanc and the Great Lakeland three Day event. By doing both of these challenges, she was able to get some navigation practice and also got the chance to meet fifteen other competitors taking on the Dragon's Back event, which was a real help.

During the event Cath was only able to sleep up to three hours a night as runners were coming in late and wake up time was 4.30am every morning to be ready to leave at 6am.

Talking about the conditions of the race she said: 'The camping/eating/sleeping I found quite a challenge as I am really quite disorganised and seemed to have to totally unpack my kit every day to find stuff! The marshalls and organisers were incredibly helpful and even offered to sort out my feet when they were falling apart! Each night I got 'post' in the form of printed out emails from friends and relatives. This was great and always made me smile.'

'I have recovered well in that I have no injuries but my feet were a mess. I still need a bit of TLC and a catch up on sleep. I just felt really lucky to be part of something so amazing and to get the chance to spend a week with so many inspirational people.'

In response to Cath's efforts, our Executive Director Olivia Owen said: 'The sum raised is huge. This September, four children were be able to start school thanks to Cath and her unfathomable efforts for us. We are incredibly thankful on behalf of all the students that will benefit. Well done Cath!'